Cyber Security Solutions
 Our expertise extends across the full range of cyber security services including consulting, penetration testing and AI endpoint security.
Protect your data with our world-class cybersecurity products and solutions.
Our expertise extends across the full range of cyber security services including consulting, penetration testing and AI endpoint security. We deliver best practice solutions through our partnership with leading cyber security vendors.
AI Endpoint Security
Artificial Intelligence is the newest generation cyber security technology solution. By integrating Artificial Intelligence Endpoint Security into your security framework, you can future proof your business against the latest cyber threats.
Penetration Testing
Regular penetration testing is considered best practice for most medium to large organisations. Our thorough penetration testing process will scrutinize the external facing components of your system, and identify vulnerabilities in your infrastructure.
User Awareness Training
Even with the best cyber security systems in place often the biggest risk can still be people working within an organisation. BT Cyber can provide customised user awareness training to ensure best practice when it comes to end user risk mitigation.
Managed Security Services
BT is one of the few local service providers offering 24/7 uninterrupted firewall monitoring, infrastructure and systems protection. We can work remotely or on-site to provide full outsourcing of your security services requirements.

Cyber Security Blog

01 Jul: Application Whitelisting

Application Whitelisting works by specifying which applications can execute (The Whitelist) leaving everything else implicitly or explicitly denied (The Blacklist). Granted, there will always be some that fall in the middle (The Greylist) but those should be reserved for administrative decision.

15 Jun: Managing Inside Threats: Microsoft Azure ATP Lateral Movement Paths

While the ability to monitor network traffic in and out of your network, sometimes known as North-South traffic, is well known, understood, and managed, there is a greater risk that is more challenging. Monitoring the traffic inside of your network that never leaves the boundaries of your systems, also sometimes known as the East-West traffic, can be very difficult.

01 Jun: Work Remotely And Securely With Microsoft Teams

Data is the gold rush of this century, and it represents a tremendous amount of value to those that have it and those that want it. Data can be anything from personally identifiable information to intellectual property to a strategic advantage to information about vulnerabilities in systems. In the right hands, it represents incredible strength and advantages. In the wrong hands, it causes significant harm and disadvantage. It makes sense to take reasonable steps in safeguarding your data.

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